All about Vietnamese coffee

All about Vietnamese coffee
How To Brew Vietnamese Coffee?
For the coffee addict’s sugar, milk and coffee beans is a staple. We all know that coffee is an invention of the Vietnamese and they make the superlative coffee from all over world. Vietnamese coffee is especially for those who like their coffee to be taste, sweetened and strong. There are several different recipes to make Vietnamese coffee but most of the coffee lovers like it to be hot and strong otherwise icy cold.

Why Vietnamese coffee?
The actual beverage was made in the Southeast Asian country containing milk, coffee and ice. It’s a perfect drink for the hot season of summer. It’s a refreshment that tastes best in cold icy state but is also good enough to drink when it’s hot.

What are the things used?
The Vietnamese make their coffee by using Vietnamese coffee filter, chicory, and dark roasted coffee and sweetened condensed milk but not always is chicory used. While preparing the coffee one can use the base of their choice and the finest coffee is the one, grounded coarsely. Using the sweetened materials is highly recommended in a way which makes the coffee taste heavenly.

What is a Vietnamese filter?
A Vietnamese filter is a small pot of coffee that looks like a hat and it sits upon the top of a coffee cup. Inside the filter is a space for coffee and room for hot water. Its quiet simple for the users to operate it. It is a mini drip brewer and one can change its settings as per one likes so that one gets an intense, dripping cup of coffee with all its flavors intact.

What is needed to make Vietnamese coffee?
To make Vietnamese coffee one needs a Vietnamese filter and condensed milk. Condensed milk contains sugar and heat processed with steam. Steamed milk have different phenomena from non-steamed milk and it tastes delicious in coffee. It also gives a sweet flavor to the cup of coffee that makes each sip memorable to the coffee addicts. There are several other recipes for preparing this coffee but the method of using condensed milk is the most popular.

How to prepare the Vietnamese coffee?
Step 1: About 1/3 inch of condensed milk is put at the bottom of a coffee cup.
Step 2: Open the coffee filter by taking the top off and unscrewing the top filter’s screen.
Step 3: Put three heaps of coffee (with/without chicory) in the filter. Replace it with the screen until it is secured. The cover should not be too tight but comfortable adjusted.
Step 4: The filter must be placed on top of the coffee cup and hot water is poured until the filter is 1/4th full. One must wait till 20 seconds to let the water flow through.
Step 5: Open the filter with two turns.
Step 6: The filter must be filled with hot water and covered. Wait for 5 minutes.
Step 7: When the dripping ceases the device must be opened carefully and enjoyed thoroughly.

The Vietnamese coffee is brewed one cup at a time and it produces a very strong concoction that can be used in all recipes for brewing coffee.

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