Have you got a Silk Sleeping Bag? Read our Silk Care Instructions!

Have you got a Silk Sleeping Bag? Read our Silk Care Instructions!
Our Silk Sleeping Bag Liner are perfect for using in a friends house, during travel and other place you may need to sleep. These liners are easily put inside your traditional bag to add warmth to your sleeping bag. You can really enjoy your silk if only you know how to Clean and wash it easily with the listed precautions observed. 

Kindly make use of our easy steps to clean your Silk Sleeping Bag Liner:

Here are some precautions to maintain your Silk:
Silk is a natural protein and there are many products that shouldn't be used on silks. One of these items is bleach. Because bleach will take the color out of the fabric, people should refrain from using any harsh detergents on silk fabric. Harsh detergents can actually eat away at the fabric causing the fibers to thin, thus creating rips and holes. 

Dry cleaning Silk:
For most types of silks, including the lighter and finer varieties, dry cleaning is the best option. Make sure that your dry cleaner is made aware that your garment or accessory is made of silk as silks are sensitive to the common types of cleaning detergents.

Hand washing Silk:
Though hand washing can eventually affect the texture and color of the fabric, silk tends to react well with warm water. As in dry cleaning, do not use strong detergents or cleaning solutions. Instead, use shampoo or soap dissolved in water. A small amount of soap is sufficient since silk has a natural resistance to stains and dirt. Don't soak the fabric for a long time as the dye may become dull. To enhance a slightly faded sheen in the silk or to remove an alkali blemish, spray the garment or accessory with white vinegar and dry it with a towel.

Machine Washing Silk:
Machine washing is not recommended for any type of silk or garments because the whirling motion can damage the fabric. However, there are washing machines that allow for washing of silk and other sensitive fabrics. If your machine specifically indicates that it can accommodate silk, make sure to put the garment in a mesh bag and to check for remnants of soap or dirt inside the machine. Spin cycles should be kept to a minimum.

Tips On Drying Your Silk:
When you do launder silk, roll it up in a towel instead of wringing it out. Silk will dry quickly but don't put it in the dryer unless you know that the silk put in a dryer before the clothing was made. Don’t use machine dryers; Never use machine dryers when drying your silk garment as the motion and friction of dryers wear out the fabric's shape and texture.

Ironing Silk:
Beware that silk can turn yellow or fade in color if you use a hot iron on it. Using Press cloths and adding steam are good ideas. When pressing, make sure the silk garment is turned inside out and not completely dry. To make sure, dampen it by spraying some water over it. Set the iron to the minimum temperature and do not steam. Most wrinkles in silk can be removed by hanging the garment in the bathroom during a shower. Let humidity do the ironing for you!

Tips on Wrinkle Removal:
The ironing of silk should be done when it is little wet so as to remove the wrinkles and give the crisp look. The ironing always has to be done on the reverse side of the silk so as to avoid any burns to it.

Stain Removal:
When removing stains, remember that silk is not as strong as other fabrics therefore cannot withstand chemicals. So bleach is not recommended. For most stains, a mixture of water and white vinegar would do the trick. Tougher stains may be removed using some ammonia diluted in water.

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