Medical use of Snake Venom

Medical use of Snake Venom

Dangers of Snake Bite

Of the nearly 3,000 species of snakes in the world, there are about 300 which are poisonous. Rattlesnakes, cobras, and sea snakes have a powerful venom which is not only harmful and sometimes deadly to humans, but also helpful as it has been used to treat inflammation caused by arthritis and cancer as well as pain relief.

Cobratoxan is one such product, snake venom that is used to treat certain medical conditions with greater effect than traditional treatments. When used in the proper amounts, cobratoxin provides relief for patients with certain conditions. However, it is important that before you take such a product that you understand what snake venom is, the varieties that exist, and its therapeutic uses.

What is Snake Venom?

The venom is constituted from the saliva of a snake that contains proteins which kill small prey and allow the snake to digest them fairly quickly. One theory is that poisonous snakes developed this ability over time by managing to use the chemicals found in their digestive system to be used as venom which subdues and kills the prey that has been caught.

Activated by the saliva glands, the venom is injected into the prey which paralyzes the muscles to the point where small animals will die fairly quickly. However, larger beings such as humans will mostly endure the effects of the venom with some dying depending on the dose and if treatment is obtained quickly.


There are roughly sixteen different chemicals found in most snake venom with variations depending on the species. The three types that may be fatal to humans are neurotoxins that affect the nervous system. Hemotoxin that destroys blood vessels, and cytotoxin that injects poison into the cells and tissues of the body.

The threat to human life comes not only from the amount of venom that is injected, but also from the location. Swelling and pain are common from the bite itself, but the effects of the poison may include the following symptoms;

Sore Throat
Shortness of Breath 

There are other symptoms of poisoning as well associated with snake venom, but in serious cases it can lead to hypotension, convulsions, coma, and finally a heart attack that leads to death. 
Although the symptoms of snake venom are serious, if not fatal in large doses, in small doses it is actually therapeutic in nature and helps treat certain conditions.

Snake Venom as Medicine

Interestingly enough, snake venom has been used for therapeutic purposes for around 3,000 years. Today, snake venom is used to counteract the effects of being bitten by a snake and in some medicines to treat certain conditions. The usefulness of snake venom is such that there are snake farms around the world raising poisonous snakes and milking their venom so that they can be used to treat certain medical conditions.

Near the turn of the 19th century, the venom from cobras was used to create an anti-cobra serum used to treat those who otherwise would most likely die from the poison when bit. It was not long before this anti-venom spread around the world saving hundreds, if not thousands of lives in just the first few years of use.

Today, the creation of multi-purpose venoms is commonplace. Plus, the venom can be stored in a dehydrated state which means that it can last for a very long time until needed. With research centers around the world producing new anti-venom drugs, the effect has been quite remarkable. This is particularly true with cobra venom as it has saved innumerable victims over the past few decades with remarkably few side effects.

In addition to being a serum to treat the poison from venomous snakes, the development of drugs such as Cobratoxan has led to a number of treatments over the years that include, but are not limited to the following;

Reduction of pain
Topical ointment to treat rheumatism
Strengthens capillaries, improves circulatory system 
Reduces inflammation 
Dissolves blood clots
Slows growth of cancerous cells and more

The use of snake venom to treat medical conditions goes back many years, but it was just after World War II that the uses for certain venoms became better know. For example, the venom from the Brazilian viper dilates blood vessels and causes the victim to slow in their reactions and ultimately collapse. But when used in very small doses, it can actually treat high blood pressure effectively.

One of the most interesting avenues of research for snake venom is its treatment for cancer patients. Because chemotherapy is too harsh and destructed, scientists are looking at certain types of snake venom that actually attacks the blood vessels that feed cancer cells, slowing their growth and eventually destroying the cancer.

In addition, there is research using snake venom that affects the nervous system to be used in treating conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and other conditions in which brain cells are dying. In low doses, certain types of snake venom can actually help in the formation of new blood vessels in the brain that help support brain cells which in turn stave off the effects of debilitating conditions that affect the brain itself.

Furthermore, such venom treatments can be used to support the circulatory system which in term treats heart disease, diabetes, erectile dysfunction, and more. This is where products like Hong Linh Cot comes into play as a treatment for certain conditions. When you consider that the snake venom itself is only toxic when the delivery system is from the snake, the venom that is actually produced provides many benefits to human beings when delivered in very small doses.

From its use as anti-snake venom to treating a wide variety of illnesses and medical conditions, snake venom is quickly becoming the center of research in many facilities around the world thanks to its beneficial effects. What was once considered a deadly enemy is now being looked at with high promise thanks to the many beneficial effects of snake venom.