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Turmeric and Vitamin Skin Cream in a 20g tube. Fresh turmeric has been used from the time immemorial to prevent scars, making the skin more shiny and more beautiful.

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Fresh turmeric has been used from the time immemorial to prevent scars, making the skin more shiny and more beautiful. Freshly pressed turmeric extract can be used to apply on the whole body of the down who have just given birth to a child to close down the pores of the skin avoiding wind-cold pathogens, recovering shiny skin, preventing chloasma. In modem science, fresh turmeric extract contains curcumin, monodesm etoxy curcumin, didesmetoxy curcumin, zingiberen, ceton sesquiterpenic turmeronetc. Which help to regenrate dermal cells, antioxidation, preventing premature ageing of dermal cells, anti-inflammatory, anti-itching, promoting skin healing, avoiding cicatrisation.

Nourishing skin, skin cells regeneration, helps reduce bruise and pigmentation skin. Suitable for following cases:
Traces caused by mosquito and other insect, heat rashes, fungus caused by dirty water, scratches, slight injuries, dry and rack skin, acnes, pigmentation, cracks on the skin of postpartum women, slight burn skin

Aqua, Curcuma Longa Extract (Turmeric), Parafin oil, Cetomacrogol, Glycerin mono stearat, Stearic acid, Polysorbat 80, Vitamin B2, Propylen glycol, Tocoferyl acetat, Methyl paraben, Propyl paraben, Fragrance

For mosquito & other insect stings: apply the cream on the affected skin right after the mosquito stinging & other insect biting. The sites of mosquito stinging & other insect biting will be out pruritus, less scratched, less superinfection with out leaving behind bruises & scars.
For acne, nodules, scratches, water eating foot: Clean & dry the skin. Apply the cream on the affected skin, 2-3 times, daily.
Dermal nutrition, anti-skin ageing reduce pigmentation, help prevening dermal cracking and recreating dermal cells: Clean & dry the skin. Apply the cream daily, in the evening, before going to bed.

5 years from manufacturing date

1 tube 20g


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Mandy Begum 12/10/2013

Great cream!

I love this cream, it helps all my skin wounds, pimples etc. I would recommend this cream to anyone.

Jean S 07/04/2013

Thai Duong Turmeric Skin Cream

Wow! This is an awesome skin cream I have ever used. I must tell you that this turmeric skin cream has no side effects. I was just searching the web for a good skin cream for my skin and then I found this cream on this website. And I am so happy that I ordered this cream. I must say these guys are very good. When I ordered I was very much confused whether I should do experiment with my skin or not. But I feel that this cream could be promising. They delivered it in time, this made me trust them. And when I used this cream, I was like OMG this is the product I was looking for. The best thing about this cream is its pleasant smell.

I am a sophomore and I spend a lot of time outside my room. This made my skin very dull and ruff and the regular shaving has left little scars on my face, so I was looking for something which can suite my skin and at the same time it should be good. When I first used this cream I was not so sure about this but after a week my girlfriend asked me are you taking some kind of skin treatment. Then I recognized the changes in my skin they were visible now. I even suggested this cream to my girlfriend and she had already started using it. She told me since it is made with the turmeric, it could be used as a medicine for mosquito bites and when I tried it, it really worked for me. Thank God I found this amazing cream on enjoy-vietnam.com.

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Turmeric Skin Cream

Turmeric Skin Cream

Turmeric and Vitamin Skin Cream in a 20g tube. Fresh turmeric has been used from the time immemorial to prevent scars, making the skin more shiny and more beautiful.

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